***SUPER SPECIAL*** Midte Digital LCD Touch P


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***SUPER SPECIAL*** Midte Digital LCD Touch Pen Mount for Tablet, Touch Notebook, Touch Display Panels, Touch AIO (All In One)

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Midte Digital Pen can write and operate with your handwriting trace on any plain surface such as common paper and screen of PCs. you can use this pen instead of mouse to operate computer freely and easily, using the handwriting instead of typing on keyboard that can make the typing just like the natural writing.
All computer screen is upgraded to touch screen. Touch operation instead or typing and clicking.
lt is fully compatible with various software. Directly use and write on PowerPoint, Word, Photoshop, MSN, Email and Outlook etc,
Full Mouse function, easy to control computers by this magic pen.
Direct writing on the screen or any board, paperless!
Full electronic whiteboard function. Perfect business meeting and PPT presentation!
Offline storage. Capture your idea and plan anytime and anywhere!
Irreversible and protect Store Electronic handwriting signature on any type of documents
USB interface charging
Device Port x 1, USB charging
Available OS
o Windows2000/XPA/VISTA/Windows 7

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 503 × 312 × 73 cm


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